"He sipped coffee and remembered beginnings." --Raymond Carver, from “The Augustine Notebooks”

Danny Goodman is a writer and editor living in New York City. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared or are forthcoming in various publications, and his novella, "Somehow There Was More Here," was published by Found Press. When not writing, he co-edits the literary journal fwriction : review. Above all else, he adores: his Girl Friday & editorial cat, sweets & sports, superheroes, and endless coffee. Currently at work on his first novel, he is badly in need of a nap.

Agent: Maria Carvainis
…it was awful to believe you harbored a secret, protected someone you loved, only to discover the truth was the opposite, that you were the one being protected all along…

I don’t understand the world. All the books and all the history and all the living, and I’ll never understand. Why we do the things we do.

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